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a monumental day for sports in our nation's capital. two big games, the skins taking on the undefeated falcons at home and the nationals in st. louis. >> the hype in d.c. was muffled by rg3 making an early exit in
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the game. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. we are joined by scott smith. >> had the nationals in the first playoffs game in st. louis, redskins taking on the falcons. the big story, the big blow to rg3. >> we had a couple of big hits today. still keep holding their breath on both accounts on both of these. when it comes to rg3, still waiting for that sigh of relief. he left the game today with a mild concussion after a nasty hit. we'll take you to the highlights. tied game at 7. about six and a half left in the 3rd. looking down field, decides to cut it up and slides and absolutely leveled. griffin, as you might imagine, slow to get up. after tests, she decided to pull him out of the game and he
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walks off the field. in steps the other rookie, cousins, just drafted out of michigan state. fourth pass attempt, huge play. moss slips behind the secondary, 77-yard strike. skins up 17-14. cousins decides this is easy. we can do this. but the defense, got worn down by that falcons' o. redskins fall to 2-3 on the year. 24-17 the final. rg3's health the big concern now. this is how shanahan knew griffin was done for the day. >> wasn't sure what quarter it was, and the 3rd quarter. when he wasn't sure what quarter it was, what the score was, we knew he had a mild concussions, at least according to the doctors. feels good now. a lot better now. but that was the situation, why he didn't go back in the game. >> able to talk to him, praying
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for you, concerned about your well-being. obviously he was down in spirits, because he wants to be out here fighting for his team. hopefully he can recover. >> afterwards griffin tweeted saying, thank you for your prayers and support. i'm okay. i think after all the testing i will play next week. >> he sounded confident. that was a rough hit. he took it from both sides. how likely is it we'll see him play next week? >> this is something the league takes over now. they've really tightened the guidelines around concussions. it will be doctor's orders. i say we get no word this week, no earlier than wednesday when the injury report comes out. other than that, we have good news for you. a washington baseball team playing its first postseason game in 79 years not day. game one, in st. louis.
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nats in trouble in the 7th. one-run lead threatened. cards, bases loaded, one out. grounds into an inning ending double play. ryan matthews jacked up for that one. into the 8th, pinch hit with two on, base hit to right field. morse and desmond score. that's the game winner. nats win 3-2. >> our own lindsay murphy is the nats' lucky charm apparently. in st. louis after the victory. >> reporter: i'll take at that compliment. it's quiet here. but a couple of hours ago it was rocking. the nationals played in their first postseason game and got their first win. for d.c., it was 79 years and two days, but who's counting, right? gonzalez struggled a little bit.
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five innings, gave up one hit, but walked seven. didn't matter today, his bullpen came through and so did a rookie. now the team is feeling good. >> they did a great job, we did a great job. we gave the fans what they wanted. something i can take home and say i did my best, and again, bullpen did their job. unbelievable. >> we played good baseball all year long. i don't think we stole one. i think we earned one. we stayed in that game and fought, like we have all year long. i definitely wouldn't say we stole it. >> every time you win a game it's huge. team with no experience in the postseason and played in the wildcard game, and i think it was pretty good for us to come in here and get a w. >> reporter: game one belongs to the nationals. best case scenario, they win tomorrow and head back to
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nationals park tuesday up 2-1. worst case, they split the series and hopefully close it out at nats' park. you get a win in st. louis. later on, we'll hear more from tyler moore on his huge hit. >> thank you, lindsey. we bring you an update, orioles, two hour and 40 minute rain delay against the yankees. tied at 2 in the 5th inning. >> all day long, big day for tsorfans id.c. even thgh the disappointment with the redskins today. >> the start of the day, do you watch the skins or nationals? karen gray houston went in search of that answer. >> reporter: for about an hour, from 3:08 to 4:05, both
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redskins and nationals were playing. at crystal city sports pub, patrons had options. there are three bars on different floors and more tv screens than you can shake a stick at. the owner had a plan. >> we'll focus on the reds at the beginning part and have volume for baseball, and once the redskins finish out, we'll put on the whole main floor so you'll hear the nationals playing. >> reporter: to quote one of the fans, washington is a town that's been dying for meaningful baseball, and now it's got it. >> absolutely, bleed natitude red all the way through. if i could do red, burgandy and gold, that would be it. >> a big decision to wear my nationals or redskins jersey. first playoff game, i went with the nats' jersey. >> reporter: what if you were at home? >> you need to have your remote control in your hand to do
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this. switch the channels as quickly as you can. >> reporter: for redskins fans, it was nerve racking going in, knowing washington hadn't had a home win in seven straight games. >> seemed shaky. >> reporter: plus, the home team was going up against the unde feeted falcons. a fan just moved here from georgia and brought his falcons glass with him to the bar. >> you're in redskins territory, you know that right? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: at the end of the day, this skins' town biggest worry was about an injured rg3. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> back to the other game, which is still on going, you heard scott mention the orioles' game. usually a celebrity or politician gets to throw out the first pitch at a game. but today's orioles' game the
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honor went to a school guidance counselor who became a hero. jessie wasmer is a teacher and he was able to get the weapon away from the accused gunman. next to him, on the mound today, was the teen who was shot. let's switch gears and talk about the weather. wasn't the best day to spend outdoors. remnants of summer well behind us. weekend ended with rain, colder temperatures. i know you felt it. >> let's check in with gary mcgrady. guess we need to pull out the jackets. cool out there. >> especially tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow. tomorrow looks a lot like today, unfortunately. certainly there have been changes to the columbus day forecast since i was last here on friday. let's go ahead and show you what we experienced today. i probably don't have to tell you. had clouds and rain. tonight the temperatures are
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dropping, because the skies are beginning to clear a little bit. as it first rain, wave of rain is moving out. today temperatures were stuck in the upper 40s and lower 50s. we did not have much in the way of rainfall. but it was persistent out there most of the morning hours. and then late this afternoon and evening. some places picking up 0.25-inch to approaching 0.5 inches. we are still at 50 degrees in town. it will get cold overnight tonight. frost advisories and freeze warnings have been issued out to the west of us, where temperatures will be dropping to freezing in west virginia and basically lower to mid-30s west of i-81. not here in town, but it is going to be cold. looks ugly for tomorrow. full forecast coming up. laura? thank you very much.
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still to come on the news at 10:00, you'll soon be seeing the controversy anti-jihad signs in metro stations. how are passengers reacting? >> the deadly meningitis outbreak continues to grow. we have the latest numbers. plus, a massachusetts pharmacy is taking extra precautions tonight. that's coming up next on the news at 10:00. when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.8@
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a man was napped dead early this morning in dania before 2:00. investigators believe he was assaulted by someone he knew. the medical examiner will have to determine exactly how he died. police say they have made an arrest in the murder of georgia block last sunday morning. he was later identified as
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lamar fonville: it's been a dangerous 24 hours on our roads. one person is dead after a crash on route 124 and air park road in montgomery county. that was at 10:30 this morning. a mazda crossed over the center line, hitting an suv and another car. the passenger in the mazda was killed. two others went to hospitals with injuries. meantime, 270 northbound, three people went to hospitals after a serious crash near middlebrook road. not clear what happened there, but the crash shut down all northbound lanes, happened around 1:30 this afternoon. signs that sparked protests in new york subways will go up at several d.c. stops overnight. d.c. officials went to court to try to block the ads, but lost. audrey barnes is here with the story tonight. >> the group behind the ads, the american freedom defense initiative won the right to hang the posters at four d.c.
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metro area stations. you street, georgia avenue, takoma park and glenmont. police are bracing for protests. >> reporter: a new york woman was arrested for trying spray paint over one of the anti- jihad posters when it went up at a subway station there. to some, it equates muslims to savages. >> i'll continue to nonviolently protest hate. >> reporter: the group won the right to hang the posters which read "in any war between civilized man and the savage, support civilized man. support israel, defeat jihad. already, metro riders here are speaking out against the move. >> it's discrimination, because
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it's not right to generalize the extremist terrorists and generalize the muslims. i don't approve at all. >> i think they should be allowed on free speech grounds, but i think it's irresponsible. >> it's kind of a big thing to call somebody a savage, but this is america. it's freedom of speech. >> reporter: metro went to court after receiving what it called very fbi threats over -- verifiable threats over the poster. there is a fear that free speech or not, the ads could trigger more violence. >> even though you have the right to say it, doesn't mean you have to say it. >> i believe even though it might be going up in the d.c. area, other countries internationally look at the united states and be like, why are you allowing your people to
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do this? >> a metro spokeswoman says the posters will be up before the close of business tomorrow. >> audrey barnes, thank you. a health alert regarding the deadly meningitis outbreak. the pharmacy that distributed a steroid linked to it has recalled all its products. they say the move is only a precaution and there is no indication other products have been contaminated. as of today, there are at least seven deaths and 90 confirmed cases. a complete list can be found on the cdc's web site. fighting a growing epidemic. bullying. >> a community comes together to help a little girl victimized by a grownup bully.
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parents, students and teachers are working now trying to draw attention to an issue that we have seen turn tragic too many times. october is bullying awareness month. >> one community is trying change it. >> reporter: numerous bullying stories have surfaced in the last couple of weeks, and we have an update on one. an ohio community is coming together after a 10-year-old disabled girl's parents say she was mocked at the bus stop for the way she walked. hope has cerebral palsy and her parents say a 9-year-old teased her on the bus and recently his dad joined them. hope's grandmother recorded this video showing the neighbor and his son limping down the street. it has enranged viewers and hope's parents. >> she's never done anything to deserve like that.
10:23 pm
for him to make fun of her, and then have his son do it, too. >> reporter: the community had a pizza party yesterday for hope to show support for the family, as well as draw attention to bullying as a whole. we are hearing from bailey who says he loves that little girl and a work injury is to blame for the way he's walking. hope's parents aren't buying it. >> when you're hit so hard, they're bruised, maybe not broken, but bruised. >> i'm not sure what to say to that. other than that was a horrible excuse for doing what he did. >> reporter: other complaints are coming to light. an attack at an indiana school, a boy beaten unconscious as others stood together and watched. studies have shown school dropout rates and absences among victims of bullying are much higher than other students and kids who bully others are six times more likely to have a
10:24 pm
criminal conviction by age 24 and are more prone to becoming child and spouse abusers. >> so disturbing. >> pretty awful. just ahead, this week's presidential debate was the topic on the sunday talk shows. >> and our political analyst joining us with a look ahead at the week. we'll be right back. they're. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the presidential debate talk continued on the sunday talk shows this weekend. >> one advisor takes the blame for wednesday night's loss for the president. melanie alnwick has your political roundup. >> reporter: governor mitt romney getting a bit of bounce from the debate. polls show he is narrowing the
10:28 pm
gap, even tying president obama in some swing states after the president's poor performance. >> the president is his harshest critic. i think you can assume he's reviewed the tape and it will inform -- it will inform how he handles these future debates. >> reporter: sunday advisors claim mitt romney did a 180 on his campaign points and that threw the president off his game. opponents weren't buying it. >> it's not rocket science to believe the president is disappointed in the expectations he has for himself. i think part of that is we met a new mitt romney. >> the job of the president is to be competent and stand up for what he believes in and articulate what is wrong. mitt romney walked over him. >> reporter: one strategist takes the blame. >> i'm happy to take whatever
10:29 pm
people want to assign to me. >> reporter: unemployment numbers below 8% took away some ammunition on the economy. democrats are claiming sustained job gross. >> it's about middle class security, security in your home and jobs and we're making progress. >> reporter: opponents say it's not enough and argue the real unemployment rate is much higher. >> the downtick we saw in unemployment is because of part- time work, so people who want full-time jobs taking lower pay. you can't support a family on part-time work. the middle class is being buried under this administration. the vice president put it aptly and it's true. >> reporter: vice president biden will have a chance to clarify his words when he debates paul ryan. as for the next presidential debate -- >> i think you'll see a very engaged president that is ready and willing to call out whichever mitt romney shows up. >> reporter: and the president's advisors promise
10:30 pm
the real obama will show up as well. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. with more insight and a look ahead on what we can expect on the political front this week, is fox 5's political analyst, mark plotkin. did his performance make a difference? >> chris christie before the event said mitt romney was going to turn the campaign upside down. in all honesty, i think he did. he revitalized a campaign in some ways his staff was writing off the candidate, and the best data is the impercale data in some of the background states, i heard one today in florida,
10:31 pm
he's running even and narrowing the lead -- >> he's campaigning in florida now, right? >> he is. he drew a big crowd. >> the biggest of his campaign so >> he haven't drawn crowds anywhere near that. crowds are indicative of your support. >> president obama buoyed by the job numbers that came out, below 8% the first time since he took office. how big is this? >> the democrats feel it's a psychological lift for the campaign, and obama's economic advisors said if you go below 8%, although it's not great, at least the trend is trending downwards, rather than being at
10:32 pm
10%. if you believe jack welch, the former ceo of general electric, he said the chicago guys would do anything, accusing them of tampering with the numbers. the obama bipartisans feel this was a bare yes they needed to break, the 8%. there will be a report november 2nd, right before the election and we'll see what that report says. >> looking ahead this week, vice president joe biden and paul ryan debate. the stakes are higher. how do you expect them to do? >> there's a local factor to this, a congressman from montgomery county and parts of other places is playing paul ryan who he served with on the budget committee. ted olsen, a washington lawyer, former solicitor general is playing joe biden. you're right, there's going to be more attention now because this is the whole ticket. ryan is really not tested on a
10:33 pm
national stage. joe biden has been around forever, it seems. he has a reputation for sometimes saying the wrong thing. you saw in the package where he made the statement, the middle class has been buried. so i don't know which way this is going to go. but ryan, again, benefits from probably low expectations, because he's considered anonymous. >> we can count on biden to bring the populous view, which is what he's done throughout his political life, i would say. >> absolutely. he hasn't ruled out running for president at age 72. he'll love being on the national stage. >> tim kaine, george allen debating now. might allen make a surge? >> i think kaine is a strong candidate in virginia. he was a popular governor. he's a nice guy.
10:34 pm
he didn't have overriding negatives. he speaks spanish fluently during his work in honduras. there aren't any really obama/allen voters. what i mean by that, there aren't split ticket people for allen. while tim kaine will probably get votes that will go to mitt romney. so i think he benefits and i think he's stronger with independents and i think tim kaine will run, and if he doesn't win, i think he'll run stronger than barack obama in the state of virginia. >> a lot to see what happens this week. we'll see you next week. >> thank you, maureen. lawmakers are taking action on capitol hill after the deadly attack in libya.
10:35 pm
peter doocy has details. >> reporter: on wednesday at noon, at a hearing on the hill, we will hear from the leader of the 16-member special forces security team that was tasked with protecting u.s. personnel at the consulate in benghazi, but reportedly left in august at the end of their mission. andrew wood is the green beret who was in charge of security at the consulate and he told cbs news part of his job was to meet with ambassador chris stevens every day to discuss security and he said it's unbelievable to him the state department decreased security, after he says he showed them how dangerous the environment was on the ground. his testimony won't bring back the four americans who were murdered. but the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton says
10:36 pm
the state department has a chance to listen and learn and save lives in the future. >> the state department shouldn't wait for the conclusion of its own board, i think there ought to be an ongoing process now to try and enhance the security of diplomatic and other official personnel in the middle east and elsewhere. >> reporter: representatives from the bureau of diplomatic security and the state department are also expected to speak at wednesday's hearing. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. sports is up next. unlikely hero emerges for the nats in their first playoff game in franchise history. scott smith is on deck. first, here's gary. >> real cold overnight. 30s. and tomorrow, unfortunately, a lot like today. we'll have your full forecast coming up in a bit when the news continues. stay with us.
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find a clinic near you at such a shame nothing is
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happening in the sports world. i wish he had something to talk about. >> so bored. >> what is an injustice, the nats didn't start the playoffs at home. >> you're right. >> break us in slowly. >> at least they won. >> got the big road win. they start here at nats' park tuesday. best record in baseball. they got a plane ticket to st. louis and playing the defending world series champion. first playoff game, ever, game one against the cardinals. top of the 8th, nats trail 2-1. pitch hitter tyler moore with two on and two out. huge. base hit. desmond, the go ahead score, nats up 3-2 thanks to the clutch mr. moore, just a rookie. bottom of the 9th, cards down
10:41 pm
to their final out. game over. nats rally to win, 3-2 and take game one of the division series. leave it to a rookie to step up. not too big for moore or for our own lindsay murphy who is in st. louis. >> reporter: the cardinals are as experienced as it gets. they are the reigning world series champions and the nationals got it done and they have never played in the postseason and the rookie got it done. it proved to be the game winner in the 8th, and he thanked his teammates for the help. >> those guys have been great for me because they sit on the bench and help me out and go through pitchers and let me know what can happen and i failed a lot, too, during this thing, and it's helped keep my heart rate down and try to put
10:42 pm
the ball in play. >> he's been in big situations and gotten huge hits for us. i don't think anyone really here thinks he's a rookie anymore. i hope he doesn't either. he's done it all year. the kid's got 10 or 11 homeruns with 200 at bats. there's one thing that we're all sure about is he can hit. >> just another big opportunity for him to step up, come off the bench and not an ideal situation, really picked some guys up. that was huge. kept the momentum going for us. >> reporter: tyler moore no longer a rookie, apparently. matthews came in and in a jam, and got out of it. scott, back to you. >> thank you. a different locker room at
10:43 pm
fed ex field today. another loss for the skins and blow delivered to the franchise, robert griffin iii. middle of the 3rd, griffin rolls to his right and trying to make a play. weatherspoon drops the hammer on him. griffin lays on the turf. home crowd holding its breath. leaves under his own power, but done for the day. shanahan saying it's a mild concussion. skins lose griffin and the game, 24-17 the final. here's the head coach following the game. >> every game he goes in he's going to learn. it's why it takes you two or three years to really feel comfortable with defense in the nfl to slow the game down a little bit. robert will keep on learning. we've got somebody very special. we've got a guy that completes and tries to make plays, just like that last play in the red
10:44 pm
zone. that's all part of the learning experience that he's going to gain. >> rg3 staying optimistic, tweeting out that he thinks after all the tests perhaps he'll be ready to go next week. of course the doctor will get the final word. we hope nothing but the best and get out of bounds next time. >> thanks, scott. >> i heard he couldn't tell the coach what quarter they were in or what the score was. pretty serious. >> a good symptom you have a mild concussion. they'll do tests this week. the nfl is rigourous when it comes to testing for concussion, and perhaps wednesday we find out if he can go this weekend. >> thanks. >> thanks very much. up next, a romantic sports story to share with you. >> two football fanatics take their love to the game and say i do. we'll be right back. ca ll me umpkin." andpumpkin. . na pumpkin. ha ha!
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according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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today would have been a great day to stay in and cook
10:48 pm
comfort food. but the folks at taste of d.c. went another route. they took the food outside for anyone willing to deal with the gray skies and chill. more than 50 restaurants set up shop. there were 30 speciality beers to wash down all that delicious food. >> yesterday was a nicer day to be out. but boy -- >> things changed. >> changed quickly. >> but it's october. >> you took the words out of my mouth. >> just like march. transition month. >> tomorrow is crummy, too. >> oh well. >> that's okay. >> did anybody have to leave the house today after 1:00? it's when the skins came on. >> we did. >> you did? >> yeah, gary, kind of had to come to work. >> st. louis, that's all we needed to worry about, right?
10:49 pm
it's a real chilly night out there. the rain has since moved by. temperatures are dropping out in the suburbs. for tomorrow, we may have a little glimmer of sunshine to start the day tomorrow morning. not for everybody. looks like if you're south you start off cloudy. another chilly day. yes, we'll have rain by tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon again, like we today. 50 here in the city now. gaithersburg 45. look at winchester and culpeper, low 40s already. clouds are breaking up and the temperatures will be falling. looks like down here, down south they'll come in again overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning, kind of capping the lows. i think mid-30s is certainly possible out there. west and southwest, and even northwest of the city. notice, the rain is getting by. delayed the start of the orioles' game in baltimore for quite a while. it's moved well off to the north and east. we are drying out and you can see in the last few images here
10:50 pm
of the satellite imagery it is beginning to break up. clearing skies overnight tonight. that's just going to be temporary. way down to the southwest coming out of oklahoma, coming out of arkansas, this is the next batch of rain we'll get in here late tomorrow morning, early in the afternoon. it's riding a fairly speedy jet stream. see how it's getting stretched out like that? the upper level winds are blowing this along. comes in late tomorrow morning, into the early afternoon. let's show you what we're expecting. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. maybe a little bit of early morning sunshine. will quickly go away. everybody will be cloudy. the latter part of the morning, early afternoon, a little bit of rain. not for everybody. but we begin to see this coming across. haven't seen this so far this
10:51 pm
season. this is the first area of changeover where there could be a mixture of rain and sleet and possibly a little snow at the higher elevations. no snow for us. will come across the day today. this has changed a little bit from earlier this afternoon. i think by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, just about everybody will have a chance of rain. it will quickly get out of here. tuesday morning we wake up, should have sunshine tuesday morning. will be another cold start on tuesday, as we progress through the day on tuesday, right now looks like we're going to be in pretty good shape. still a little cool on tuesday. tonight, 42 in town. a few clouds. chilly, frosty to the west. frost advisories along i-81. tomorrow, 51 for a high. little sunshine. chance for showers coming in. some showers around as early as noon. and we're talking chilly showers for just about everybody, at least a chance of
10:52 pm
that at 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon. another cold day. 22degrees below where we should be. little warmer with sunshine tuesday, 61. wednesday looks great. thursday looks great. friday looks great. saturday at this point looks great, too. that's a lot of great days on the seven-day forecast. >> just get through the 22- degree deficit -- >> crummy day tomorrow. what can i say? >> it's okay. will slap us in the face and we'll rebound. a college football duo decided to make their special day more unique. >> they traveled hundreds of miles to say i do and watch their mountaineers take on the longhorns. >> we love college football, right? >> reporter: timing is everything. ask fans julia and greg. >> i wanted to go to texas, my dad said texas was too far
10:53 pm
away. it was on our one-year anniversary, october 6th. >> reporter: effective for a destination wedding with all their friends. >> it's different. we wanted to be different. >> reporter: many brides shy away from fall weddings because of football season. >> awesome getting married? >> absolutely. >> very cool. >> she come up with the whole idea and planned it all. >> reporter: mark abbott walked his daughter down the aisle to mary her best friend, greg. >> she got married, 25 years, been with me and time to move on. >> reporter: the bride's best friend didn't know if she would follow through. >> we talked about it a while back and it was a crazy idea. and two weeks later, she said she booked the flight and caterer. >> i think it was my idea a little bit. and he was like, heck yeah! perfect. >> a dream. great town, and everybody was friendly. we love austin, but love our
10:54 pm
mountaineers more. got to have a win. >> let's go, mountaineers! >> reporter: the reception? a tailgate, of course. >> easiest reception ever. >> reporter: open to all mountaineers in town. >> who else can say that? nobody. >> this is a first for us to do a wedding reception at a tailgate. odd. >> it works. >> i'm happy for them. >> everything is like, this is awesome, and congratulations. no one has said a negative word about it. everyone has been so nice. incredible. >> never forget it. never forget. awesome. >> reporter: a game day these newlywed fans will always remember. >> win or lose, i won today, right? >> very unique. >> yes. big bird sets the record on late night tv. >> and coming up, a huge day as the redskins take on the falcons and the nats travel to st. louis for their first postseason game. the good and the bad coming up
10:55 pm
next on the news edge. [ kreg smith ] i'm third generation military.
10:56 pm
i served in the army, two tours over there. when i got back from iraq, i was searching for new jobs. [ lionel hamilton ] veterans make great employees, because you know they've already got expertise and they've got job skills instilled in them from the military. [ kreg smith ] what i've learned, being deployed overseas, is a high sense of adaptability, leadership skills, and teamwork. [ lionel hamilton ] ge doesn't hire veterans because they're veterans. we hire veterans because they're extremely qualified.
10:57 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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big bird has been getting a lot of attention this week since the presidential debate. mitt romney said he would cut funding to pbs adding he liked big bird, but not at such a steep price. last night big bird appeared on "saturday night live" to clear the air. >> big bird, so how did you find out your name had been mentioned in the debate? >> i got a million tweets. [ laughter ] >> so you're on twitter? >> no, i'm a bird. tweeting is how we talk. >> our favorite 8-foot yellow bird kept it clean last night, adding he didn't want to ruffle any feathers. that is cute. "american idol" is making its way around the country in an attempt to find the next best singer. >> while the show's judges have been getting a lot of attention, it's time to focus
10:59 pm
now on the talent. >> nancy parker has a look at this week's auditions in louisiana. >> she's christina and wonderful. >> reporter: a competition of chops. >> my style is like india arie meets james brown. >> reporter: they travel far and near to be the next "american idol." >> bow livia. >> i come to represent new orleans. >> reporter: this 25-year-old says she has the soul of new orleans, but the voice -- >> i'm been performing since 1989, so i'm ready. >> reporter: the stories touch her heart. >> i take care of my brother. his name is ben. and we buried him four days ago. >> reporter: her family is from baton rouge and see this

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